Fluidride Affiliate Instructors are FIT (Fluidride Instructor Training) Level 2 certified instructors hand chosen by Simon to teach for Fluidride. Affiliates have access to continued training with Simon in order to continually elevate their teaching ability and effectiveness with students. We are proud to have Elaine Bothe as our first Affiliate Instructor. We'll have some other amazing instructors joining the program in coming months. 

Elaine Bothe

Elaine Bothe brings a wealth of teaching experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to her students. Her adaptive step-by-step approach and versatility builds confidence, skill and speed. Elaine races Enduro, Downhill and Cross Country competitively throughout the West. She is a FIT (Fluidride Instructor Training) Level 2 graduate who has spent extensive time learning from and teaching with Simon Lawton. She specializes in teaching Beginner to Advanced female riders and men who are Beginner to Intermediate. Elaine is based in Portland, Oregon and is available most Friday afternoons, all day on Saturday - and Sunday morning in the Seattle area - and available in other locations and times for instruction and guiding by special arrangement, including The Lumberyard Bike Park in Portland, Oregon. 

Special dates for private instruction or small groups (weather permitting). Other dates are also available, including weekdays. Contact Elaine for details and scheduling. 

Mar 31-April 2 Seattle area

April 8-9 and 15-16 Portland area

April 18-19 Sacramento, CA

April 19-23 Sea Otter! Hit me up for sessions before or after, in southern Oregon and northern California, or course previews at the venue.

April 24-26 Southern Oregon

April 28-30 Seattle area

May 6-7 Portland area

Recent Testimonials:

"With Elaine's coaching my skills improve beyond my expectations with every session. She brings a thoughtful mix of all aspects of each skill, from what is going on with the physics of the bike to what is happening inside the brain. The best part is that Elaine is just plain fun to work with. I look forward to every session and it's ear to ear grins as my skills improve." - Roger

"Just had a great ride at Duthie and really felt the groove today. Thought about all your teaching and it totally changed my ride. I could feel the acceleration in the turns and the spring out of them." - Nick

"Phenomenal riding this weekend. Felt amazing, like a different rider. Have learned a ton w Elaine. In short, my confidence on the bike has increased exponentially!!!" - Liga M

Contact Elaine after purchasing to schedule your instructional time!

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