Air Skills

Learn to ride drops and jumps with confidence. Layer in Featuring for the complete skill set.


air 101

We’re not launching to the moon here. Find confidence on small table-top jumps, learn to hit drops and maybe even find yourself catching air off roots and rocks after learning to Feature.


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air 201

Is your fear of gap jumps holding you back? In this class we brush up on your jumping form and give you the tools to start clearing gaps consistency, including the discussion of the psychology behind jumping over the unknown.


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You select the value. Your favorite rider selects the class. Gift cards are a great way to encourage personal growth and life long enjoyment of mountain biking.


air 301

Aspiring to hit bigger jumps or learning to create movement (think whips!) in the air? This class is designed for riders ready to advance past small gaps and on to more advanced jump lines. In this class we work on small technical gaps (jumps with turns etc) as well as larger gaps. As always, there is never any pressure from our instructors. Ride a few, or ride them all. Either way you will come out a whole new rider.


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