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Trail Skills

Your knee placement is critical to how you weight the front wheel. Often when a rider slides out, it's not because of too much weight on the front wheel, but actually too little. Simon walks you through how to use your knees to "drive" through the turns with confidence.
Riders sometimes struggle with turns immediately following step sections of the trail or drops. With some footwork and good body position you can learn to avoid the "OTB" and execute turns safely.

Cornering a big wheel bike (aka 29er) does take a little bit of technique and a different approach. Simon will show you how to start raining on those larger hoops in under 2 minutes.

Ever wondered when it's appropriate to take that foot off the inside pedal? Fluidride's Simon Lawton walks you through the proper technique, and the terrain in which it is appropriate.
Proper body position is critical to fast and safe cornering. With a few drills you can make yourself a faster and safer rider!
How do you transition from a flat to a berm turn and vice versa? Simon will show you proper body and bike position, and how to adjust on the fly.

Some of the most challenging technical mountain biking comes at steep, tight switchback turns. Riders often flow along nicely, only to have to stop and get off the bike to navigate a switchback. With the proper technique, you can not only stay on the bike, but actually find some fun and flow on steep, sharp turns.

Diamondback rider and Fluidride Instruction owner Simon Lawton works with Kyle Thomas on footwork. Watch as they explore the finer points of foot dominance by concentrating on staying lively on the pedals. With a little practice, you can improve your cornering immensely by getting your weight to your outside pedal. This helps lock you into berms like you never thought possible.
Remember, form is important at all levels of mountain biking. Even these seasoned veterans point out how they're constantly improving their riding.

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