Fluidride Finale European Tour 2020 Tour Dates  April 25 - May 2, 2020

Fluidride Finale European Tour 2020 Tour Dates April 25 - May 2, 2020

The fastest way to improve your overall mountain biking skills is to improve your cornering. With The Fluidride Method, we call this ‘Footwork’.
fluidride instructional tour 2020

Learn mountain biking skills with Fluidride this fall!

  • Skypark, California

  • Mulberry Gap, Georgia

  • Seattle, Washington

  • Florida - Permit in the works: TBD


Check out our latest instructional videos

Your knee placement is critical to how you weight the front wheel. Often when a rider slides out, it's not because of too much weight on the front wheel, but actually too little. Simon walks you through how to use your knees to "drive" through the turns with confidence.
Simon Lawton shows you how to get more comfortable when hitting jumps. Beginning jumpers may already have the correct speed, but are struggling with commitment. By slowing down, you'll actually be forced to "step into it" more. Let Simon show you how!
How to manual a mountain bike. Practice riding a manual with the help a friend. Riding a manual can be a useful trail tool and in this video we show you a safe way to partner with a friend and learn how to manual.
How body position impacts leg travel on a mountain bike. In this video we show riders how proper body position can help riders ride over rough terrain faster on their bike. The fastest riders in the world all have one thing in common, they are looking ahead at the terrain.
How to jump a mountain bike and turn in the air. This video covers a concept called counter-directional steering and reviews how to use this technique to turn in the air.
Mountain bike skills with Simon Lawton from Fluidride: Take a run down Whistlers A-Line jump run with Fluidride's newest Youth Development rider Taylor Dunn. I've been riding this trail longer than Taylor has been alive, and he's already riding it better than me!
The separation between your bike and your body is key to handing both flat and banked turns. Learn how to position your body on your mountain bike based on the terrain with a few simple steps!
Hitting drops in a skills park is a great skill to have however, if you want to make the most of this skill we need to combine drops to turns, so out on the trail we can start to build flow.

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