Looking to sample the FLUIDRIDE method?  

Check out our series of free videos below! If you are looking to take your riding to the next level, check out our feature-length films.

Getting your basic jumping going but ready to introduce some style? Simon shows you how to start creating movement in the air.

Many riders have mastered tabletop jumps, but gaps present a new challenge both mentally and physically. Simon will walk you through how to take the next step in the jumping progression.

A manual is simply a standing wheelie created by your body position on a bicycle. By mastering this technique you'll be able to flow into and off of objects in the trail, safely carrying speed.
Simon Lawton shows you how to get more comfortable when hitting jumps. Beginning jumpers may already have the correct speed, but are struggling with commitment. By slowing down, you'll actually be forced to "step into it" more. Let Simon show you how!

It may sound complex, but this technique of setting up for your next jump while you're still in the air is worth the practice. It'll pay dividends away from the jump line too, helping you pick your way through trails like never before. Simon Lawton takes you step-by-step through this valuable skill.