Trail Skills

Learn the fundamentals of mountain biking with our Trail Skills classes. Build your foundation for all types of riding. Says Simon: “Fundamental trail skills are the foundation upon which everything else is built. Just as with building a house, having a solid foundation allows you to add on with confidence.”


Intro to mountain biking

Build comfort with the unknown. Find and explore the concepts mountain biking through drills designed to build consistency and confidence on the trail. New riders only please.


Give your favorite racer or rider the opportunity to learn with us!

trail essentials

Go from hanging on, to leading the charge. Our most popular class.



Check Out The Trail Essentials Class Overview Video To Learn More!

advanced cornering

Looking for a personal best? Trying to find flow in switchbacks and regain control over slippery off-camber sections? This class is designed to help you master cornering. Expand your riding foundation in order to ‘snap’ turns, improve your race times, or perhaps more importantly, beat your riding partner to the bottom of the hill.


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Progressive Trail Skills

Take your steep terrain riding to the next level and learn to descend with more confidence with a new quiver of tools.


Watch the Progressive Trail Skills Class Overview Video To Learn More