FIT Level 2

FIT Level 2


For those of you who have already taken or signed up for FIT Level 1 Training, FIT Level 2 is the next step. Learn the ins and outs of advanced riding practices and how to keep riders engaged as they progress by learning to teach ‘Skill Combinations’. Not only will you vastly improve your own riding – you will also have more to offer your students when teaching. 

Class held at Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, Issaquah, WA.

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Course goals and core components

  • Review and build on FIT LEVEL 1 course materials

  • Learn to teach advanced cornering techniques

  • Learn to teach advanced drop techniques

  • Learn to teach advanced jumping techniques

  • Learn to teach advanced featuring techniques

  • Learn to combine skills together to make Advanced Skill Drills

  • Discussion use of online videos for demos

  • Discussion of ‘ground coaching’ on bigger terrain you might not want to ride

  • Ideally you will leave with the comfort that you are able to teach riders beyond your own personal riding level