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In his third feature length instructional film Progression, Fluidride owner and coach Simon Lawton teaches you the ins and outs of three major skills. You will learn to manual, pump, and feature terrain and learn how these skills can be used interchangeably on many trail sections.


In his follow up to the top selling mountain bike instructional film, Fluidride: Like a Pro, veteran pro racer and internationally renowned coach Simon Lawton discusses the importance of footwork on the bike.


Like a Pro focuses on the body movement of successful cyclists, and breaks down complex movements into an easily understandable format. A mix of discussion, theory, physics, and actual lessons, Fluidride: Like A Pro tackles each section from a variety of angles with excellent trail riding and racing examples to illustrate technique. Created by Fluidride Owner Simon Lawton, a veteran downhill Pro and instructor of 15 years and ace rider Lars Sternberg, this video will help take your riding to the next level. Intended for riders of all off road disciplines from Novice to Expert.